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Best in Class Contest is Back

Start and Duration of Contest:

The contest will run from May 2nd 10:00 am till May 20th 23:59:59 2022 (GMT+3).


We make promises and we keep them!! We promised that more contests would be available throughout the year and the time has come. Best in Class is Back with higher prizes, more trading tools, more Market Analysis, more Financial Instruments to trade, offering you a realistic, yet Risk-Free environment to sharpen your knowledge and enhance your trading experience. Our Educational Library and Trading Tools sections received an extreme overhaul and are currently flooded with New Introductory Courses for beginners, In-Depth Courses for advanced traders, Daily Videos and so many more goodies that are available for free, to all our clients. Don’t miss out!! Everybody wins a gift regardless of their ranking.

Enter the contest Without Risk


In this fast-paced world we live in, Investors tend to trade emotionally, forgetting about the fundamentals of the Financial Markets, thus ending up in the dark. Stop trading in the dark and trade with GWGlobalf FX, where we take you back to the basics.

We want you to succeed in your journey as a Trader, therefore provide you, not only with the tools in doing so, but explain to you how to correctly understand them and use them to trade based on informed and educated decisions. We named this, first of many to follow, contest «Best In Class» for this specific reason. YES!!! EVERYBODY wins a gift regardless of their ranking, BUT we consider that the best gift you will receive from us, is the foundation for mastering the art of trading.

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How to participate:

  • If you are older than 18 years of age and maintain a fully verified trading account with GWG (Cyprus) Ltd, you may participate in the Contest. If you don’t have an account yet, click here, open a real trading account. As soon as your account is fully verified, you will receive your Demo Account Competition credentials along with a series of Trading Tools for assistance.
  • Your Demo account will be funded with EUR 5,000 (Virtual money, not withdrawable).
  • You can enter the Competition at any time during which the contest is active.
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  • 1st Winner 500€* + 2 months free subscription for Social Trading**
  • 2nd Winner 300€* + 2 months free subscription for Social Trading**
  • 3rd Winner 200€* + 2 months free subscription for Social Trading**
  • 4th Winner 4 months free subscription for Social Trading**
  • 5th Winner 3 months free subscription for Social Trading**
  • Rest of Participants 2 months free subscription for Social Trading**

*Real money that will be deposited in the verified live account of the Winner with no restrictions. **For more information please click here or contact our Support team at [email protected].


Ranking Alias name Country Equity Prizes
1 MAXI FERNANDO Germany 5550 500€* + 2 months free subscription for Social Trading
2 NILL MENTES Germany 5542 300€* + 2 months free subscription for Social Trading
3 MAXWELL DORIS Germany 5468 200€* + 2 months free subscription for Social Trading
4 KILIAN STUNTE Poland 5389 4 months free subscription for Social Trading
5 CRUZE LEO Poland 5352 3 months free subscription for Social Trading

The daylight ranking are updated once a day at 10.00 GMT+2

Enter the contest Without Risk

Contest terms and conditions

By entering the Best In Class Contest you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions:

There is no fee for the participation in the contest.

The Top 20 ranking clients alias name will be displayed on our website throughout the duration of the contest and will be updated on a daily basis.

The winners of the contest will be the clients that:

  1. a) Performed at least 10 trades during the contest.
  2. b) Maintain the highest balance in their accounts at the expiry date of the contest.

At the end of the contest, all open positions will be automatically closed. In case it is technically impossible to close all orders at the same time, these will be closed in turn, and the difference in closing time will not be considered as reason for complaint or recalculation of the participants' final balance.

Prizes cannot be exchanged with cash or other gifts, neither are transferable to third parties.

The prizes will be available to the winners, up to one week after the end of the contest.

Trading activities before the start of the Contest will be disabled.

Use of Expert Advisors is prohibited.

The Company reserves the right to extend or reduce the period of the contest at its own discretion, by providing an advance notice at least 24 hours prior to any changes, via email and/or on the contest’s webpage.

The Company will be using the personal data of the contest participants in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

Citizens or Residents from the following countries cannot participate in the contest: USA, British Columbia, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Japan, Islamic Republic of Iran, Sudan, Syria and North Korea

GWG (Cyprus) Ltd reserves the right to:
a) Interview the Top 3 Winners of the Contest
b) Publish the results of the contest and any related information of the prize accounts to the Media.
c) Check the server logs and statements of contest accounts
d) Disqualify any participant with no advance notice or without giving any reason of disqualification, if the company suspects abuse of the contest rules by the participant. In such case, the participant will not have the right to claim any prize.

Demo Account settings:

Trading Platform Account Type Leverage Stop out Level Margin Call Level
MT4 Demo

30:1 for major currency pairs

20:1 for non-major currency pairs, gold and major indices

10:1 for commodities other than gold

5:1 for individual equities and other reference values.

2:1 for cryptocurrencies.

50% 100%